As a volunteer-run organization without a shelter of its own, Rescuzilla relies on a network of foster homes to save dogs and cats from being euthanized in city shelters. Foster parents are at the heart of the rescue process: they care for an animal in their own home, getting to know them and their needs hands-on. Whether those needs include a little training, a safe place to heal, or simply some extra time while we search for a permanent home, fostering is a great way for animal lovers to get to experience what it’s like to have a pet – with a support system and without a lifelong commitment.

Not only do fosters make all the difference in the world for the animal, they also provide the information that gives adopters the advantage of knowing what to expect when bringing that animal into their family. Together we can create solid matches for successful adoptions and save more lives.

We hope you will join our team! Email us at info@rescuzillanyc.org to get started!



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