Thank you for your interest in adopting! Nemo is an adorable little guy who loves napping and basking in the sun. He’s 6 yrs old, 7.5 lbs, and has lived with big dogs, small dogs, and cats. While he is very sweet and playful on his own terms, Nemo has some behavioral quirks (resource guarding, handling sensitivities, fear) that have resulted in him being returned from previous adopters, so he is looking for a very savvy home with someone who understands his needs, respects his boundaries, and has realistic expectations of him. He also recently started an anti-anxiety medication that he takes every day and may need to continue on.

When Nemo’s excited, he gets bouncy and silly and loves to play with his people, especially fetching or tugging with small plushy toys. He does well traveling in a bag, and prefers peaceful outdoor adventures like long walks in the park, as he can be nervous of big trucks and loud city noises.

If you have a child-free family that can love Nemo through all his moods, we’d love to hear from you! Please email adopt@rescuzillanyc.org for more info!