Adoption Tips

Looking for guidance on how to choose your next pet? Do you need advice on how to prepare for a new dog or cat? Here are some places to start.

Finding Your Fido: Tips for Adopting Your New BFF (ASPCA)

Adoption Tips (ASPCA)

Basic Manners

Spending a few minutes a day with your pet doing positive reinforcement training games can strengthen your bond, make living together easier, and keep your pet’s mind busy.

Basic Manners for Dogs (Animal Farm Foundation eBook) Read page 3 for a fantastic overview of how dogs learn.

How to Teach Your Dog to “Leave It” and “Drop It” (Animal Farm Foundation video)

Leash Walking

Does your dog get upset when she encounters certain people, places, or things when you are out on a walk? Here are some resources for helping you have a more enjoyable walk together.

Dogs in Need of Space (website)