Strut Your Mutt NYC
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Strut Your Mutt NYC

  • Hudson River Greenway New York, NY, 10014 United States (map)
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Rescuzilla volunteers and advocates will be walking in solidarity with other nationwide shelters and rescue organizations to raise support for animal welfare.

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Join the pack and help us fundraise!

Today and every day, homeless animals in America's shelters are in need of help -- to keep pets with their owners, to prevent unwanted litters through spaying and neutering, and to increase adoptions and give each one the chance it deserves to be someone's beloved companion.

This year, two dogs that have gotten that chance through Rescuzilla were Bissell and - just recently - Petey. Here are their stories!

Bissell was brought to the city's municipal shelter by a social worker after his owner passed away. He was a tiny, older, unrecognizable dog in a state of complete neglect, severely matted with one toenail so overgrown that it had embedded its way through his paw pad and out the other side. We reached out to our team for help and one volunteer noted that he looked like something out of a vaccuum bag (so sad but so true) and from that moment, Bissell was reborn as a Rescuzilla dog! Several grooms, medicated baths, a dental cleaning, and an ophthalmology consult later, he is making up for lost time with a puppy spirit! Bissell is one of the sweetest and most softly sociable little dogs we've ever come across! He whimpers and wiggles at strangers in hopes of a hello, on the search for a forever family that will enjoy living life to the fullest together.

Petey, a 4-yr old pitbull named for his trademark eye patch, is our newest addition and We. Are. Smitten. A staff favorite making his third appearance at the city shelter, we were looking for a quiet dog for a specific foster home and Petey came with stellar notes that fit the bill. His previous owner had detailed what a great dog he is ('he sleeps at the foot of the bed and knows he's not allowed on') and as soon as we took him out for a short visit, it was obvious. Petey has some medical care ahead of him as we consult our friends at Worth Street Veterinary Center to address his skin issues and stomach sensitivities so he can eventually be neutered safety despite his heart murmur. All the while we know people will be lining up for such a well-mannered snugglebug to add to their family!

For Bissell, Petey, and thousands of animals like them, the money Elphie and I are raising will go directly to save lives, fund adoption programs and spay/neuter services, and keep animals out of shelters. Please support us by donating to our page:

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer - donations are tax-deductible! Through your support, we can keep animals out of the shelter, and get so many more into safe, loving homes.

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