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The First Step

Did a pet on our Adoptable Pets page catch your eye? To start the adoption process, please fill out this questionnaire >>

Adoption Questionnaire

Part 1: The Basics
Name *
Phone Number *
Phone Number
Address *
Please include your apartment / unit number, if applicable.
Include species, weight, quantity, and breed restrictions.
3. What kind of yard do you have?
Part 2: Tell Us About You
4. Which of the following best describes your household?
5. Which of the following best describes your lifestyle?
Part 3: Pet Care
Please include name, age, gender, spayed/neutered, species, breed, and more info if the pet is no longer with you. Exclude fish.
Examples: Pet sitting, volunteering, fostering, dog walking ...
4. Are you prepared for the financial costs of caring for your pet?
Name and practice name, if known
6. What is your ability to adjust your schedule and lifestyle to accommodate your pet's social, medical, physical, and mental needs?
Examples: Relationship change, job change, move, illness, disability, household member developing allergy to animals, new household member …
10. If your pet developed a new behavioral problem, what would you do?

Check all that apply.
11. Which of the following might cause you to consider returning your pet?
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Part 4: References
Please supply the name and phone number of a personal references (not including household members).
Reference Name *
Reference Name
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Reference Phone

Thank you for filling out this questionnaire and choosing adoption! While this application does not guarantee you the pet who you are applying for, we will use it to start the conversation on matching you up with a suitable pet.